A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

On Finding the Penguin

Some of new neighbours came round this afternoon.  (They're living in part of the 1837 church next door that the then house owner built in the garden because he wanted a job as a rector, as you do).

Whilst showing them around the house the full size robot king penguin caught their attention (as tends to happen) and we recounted the story of our few moments of fame on BBC's "Technogames" programme in the early years of the century.  After a bit of rummaging on youtube I was rather pleased to find that someone had uploaded the programmes we'd featured on!

Hmm, ok, so my hair wasn't always silver after all...

So, here we have both Cold Thursday and Cold Mokoyubi* in performance (and some angelic-looking Cheeseminors in the background), and above is one of the five silver medals the CT teams came away with.

PS. It's not 'live at the technodrome' - it's recorded 3 months previously in a freezing, disused hangar in deepest Nottinghamshire.

* Those with a smattering of Japanese will get the, um, joke :o)

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