By Beewriter


There is no better way to start a new year than to squeeze into a wetsuit and swim in five degree water in a silly hat and lose all feeling in your hands and feet!

It was really cold, especially the concrete floor, but the sun tried to shine and it stayed dry. Jude and Sian came down to the Quays to cheer me on and Jude took charge of my camera. I was a smidgen trepidatious as I haven't swum for months, but I did it. I raised a few smiles with my daft hat and the whole atmosphere was brilliant.  There were about two hundred and fifty of us in the water and everyone is supportive and generally mad lol.

I had no feeling in my feet before I even got in the water from standing on concrete, I didn't regain feeling until about an hour after I finished. My hands were so cold and painful that it was hard to swim, but I got there in the end. I won the prize for the best hat too!! The best pic of me is on the Manchester Evening News page lol. 

Jude, Sian and I went for a hot drink afterwards as I slowly thawed was absolutely brilliant.

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