Waxing Gibbous / Supermoon

I'm thrilled that you liked yesterday's sunset enough to send it high up in the Popular Pages - I believe it even made a brief appearance on Page One - thank you all so much!

Today the weather has been as dull as ditchwater, so I'm pleased that I took a few photos of the moon both before and after midnight last night. I processed one and then realised that it was taken before midnight, so I had to look again at the shots I'd taken. This one was taken at 6 seconds after midnight...... Handheld and cropped.

Apparently 'waxing gibbous' is the name given to the phase of the moon last night. No, I'd never heard of it before either!

Update: Apparently it was only just 'waxing gibbous' - I have been informed by a far more knowledgeable friend that it was full and a supermoon at 02:25!

It's only 4:30 and I've already drawn the curtains for the night - I'll be glad when the days get longer. Have a great evening!

Ann :))

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