Lala's Journal

By Lala

Penultimate Three Year Anniversary

Thank you for the comments and stars two days ago, when the numbers added up my blipping days to equal an anniversary; however I started on the 3rd January 2015 and so Tomorrow is MY anniversary.

My photo today is a collage of the courtyard today and last week with the pretty lights and I just had to use the single solitary Rose as well! All decs now down and stored in the shed. I had to laugh when I found a huge 6’ fibre optic tree tucked away at the back. We had totally missed it!

Thanks to dfb24, I left the dash cam alone (did not allow Mr L to touch it) for a day and this morning, took it myself, still not letting him ‘help’ and lo and behold, dash cam up and running! thanks Dbf24!

Car into garage for new tyres and some other work which was going to cure the knocking. £266 later and a run along the Lydd road proved the knocking is still there! This has cost a fortune now and still no one can identify it. I guess we won’t know until whatever it is drops off!

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