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Tiny Tuesday - Animal Kingdom

Day two of the new year and I went back to work. It was very tiring having been out last night too! I think everyone felt the same in the office though and at least it is a four day week!

For Tiny Tuesday I kept my eyes open for anything that would be suitable but struggled a little so I thought I would try and take a photograph of our pet gerbils, given the theme is animal kingdom.

Meet Snowy and Sugar - They are our second set of gerbils now. The first we got for my son after lots of deliberation! He has always been mad about animals and he would literally cry himself to sleep at night because he wanted a pet so badly. We settled on gerbils as they are low maintenance, can be looked after by grandparents when we go away but can be held and stroked - we had fish before but they didn’t quite cut the mustard! Our first two died (they only live a few years) and the children were of course very upset. However it is a very good lesson in life.

Given we had all the set up for gerbils we got some more as my son gets a lot of pleasure from them. These are now probably half way through their lives but are good company for my son in his bedroom and he is very good at cleaning and feeding them.

Gerbils are desert animals and need very little water to drink and partly nocturnal and find that early evening is their most active time of day. They have a sand bath in their cage which they use to clean themselves and it is recommended they are kept in pairs - ours literally sleep on top of each other!

I know my son would have all sorts of animals if he could but for now these seem to satisfy his need for a pet!

I managed to do some writing while my son had his swimming session as parents weren’t allowed to watch.

The children go back to school tomorrow and I think it will be a shock for everyone!! I’m not looking forward to dragging them out of bed!!!

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