By strawhouse

Mince Pie Envy

We have almost reached the end of the mince pies. 
There was a hilarious moment earlier when Miss L thought it was funniest thing in the world that her gluten free one was gigantic compared to Miss E's piddly little normal one. 
Miss E was not impressed!!!!
Mr K was back at work today. It was a horrible shock to the system apparently!
The Little Misses and I had a lazy day until about 5pm when we headed over to Milton Keynes to get school shoes. I had thought that leaving it so late in the day would mean Clark's would be quiet and we could be in and out in no time at all.
Nope. It was a good twenty minutes before our number was called. Grrrrrrrr!!!
I felt a little guilty to discover that Miss E's feet are a size 2 and that the shoes she was wearing to school until a few weeks ago are a size 13. Oops!!!
Chilli and rice for dinner. And not a morsel of chocolate has passed my lips all day.
Day one of healthy eating and it's all going well so far!!!

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