Red Berries on a Nine-Degree Morning

It was around 9 degrees F on this morning when I caught the bus to work, and I was wearing more layers than you could count. When I got to campus, I found it pretty much empty of people. This was the first day back to business for many of us who work at PSU, but the new semester doesn't begin till next week; almost nobody was out and about.

I suddenly realized what an opportunity it was. Photographically speaking, those times when campus is totally deserted can be great for pictures. If you want scenes without people (or with hardly any, at least), now's the time for it! But my advice would be to bundle up warm to do it or your nose will freeze right off!

By the duck pond, I discovered some bright red berries looking mighty festive indeed. That's the University House you can see off to the right; way back when PSU presidents used to live on central campus, this is the building they did it in.

I am somehow prone to taking photos of the University House reflected on the duck pond, especially in August (see here and here, for instance). And the occasional spring shot as well. But there were no reflections to be had on this day because of ice and snow. Never mind, the cheerful red berries will have to do!

The song: Warrant, with I Saw Red.

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