An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Teaching new dogs old tricks...

I went for a swim at 11 o'clock last night as after three days of entertaining, my bones were rather achey.  The warm water and soft lights worked their magic and I slept till 10.30am!  

When I realised how late it was I started to rush to get up and get showered and dressed till I realised there was nothing to rush for. It was a good feeling.  

Once I was showered and dressed, I pottered about upstairs and eventually made it downstairs just before 2pm.  All rather lovely other than the fact I had decided that my New Year's Resolution was to get up at 7am on weekdays.  Epic fail on the first morning I planned to implement it!  

David and Lola headed out for a walk just as I came downstairs, with Agta the dog trainer we are using to get Lola less excited around other dogs (she has two) so I took the opportunity to catch up with Lesson 5 of the floral photography course I'm doing.  This time is was using a light box.  

My light box hadn't arrived in time for me to complete the lesson before Christmas, so today was my first chance to use it.  I'm not really sure what I am doing to be honest and it was very rushed as by the time I had everything arranged,  Lola was back and trying to eat the flowers.  I didn't even attempt to use my tripod as it would have been a disaster with her around but I will at my next attempt.  

I am fairly happy with the results (four ok photos in my eyes.  There's another one in extras) for a first attempt.

So today can be summed up as trying to teach a new dog old tricks and trying to teach an old dog new tricks :-))

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