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Backblipped 04.01.19

I slept terribly last night.  I was still wide awake at 3.30am.  The result being when the alarm went off at 8.30am, I could barely get my eyes open.  David got up but I decided to have an extra hour.  It made all the difference.

After Lola had had her walk, we decided we both needed to get out of the house for a little while.  A number of our usual eateries are closed at the beginning of January, so we decided to go a little further afield for lunch and ended up at Blair Drummond Smiddy Farm Shop.

We had a lovely lunch of sweet potato, chilli and coconut soup, sandwich with parma ham, smashed avocado and rocket followed by coffee and cake (a last hurrah - healthy eating starts Monday!)  They had some bargains in the shop and I got a beautiful Christmas serving plate and some Christmas tea towels.  I never buy Christmas items / decs full price.  These will get packed away for Christmas 2019 :-)

We had planned to come home the longer route around Loch Earn and I had my camera with me, but of course by the time we left the place it was almost dark so we just headed home the fastest route.  

After dinner I listen to another two of my Kate Bush re-mastered cds.  This time Lionheart and Never For Ever.  They have done a magnificent job remastering the albums.  The sound quality is amazing and I am hearing instruments, harmonies and sounds I haven't heard before, despite listening to these albums countless times.

Laptop still not downloading my emails.  Going to have to admit defeat and ask D for help! 

Backblips starHERE :-))

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