Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

High Tide

It's been a day of waiting around: First for my car to be serviced in which, yet again, the technician I've used for years failed to attend, so I've now got someone else to do it on Friday.  Then an hour wait at the local tyre depot before they even started to fix a puncture on Mrs BB car. Then an hour at the hairdressers; that I didn't mind so much as it was a free haircut, bottle of Jack Daniels and a pile of other drink and stuff that I won in their prize draw Christmas raffle out of 1,250 entrants!  I've another free haircut to come which I'll use at the end of February.

The oldest daughter popped in with granddaughter Amelia who is approaching three months and now teething. She fell asleep in my arms and the cwtch (Welsh for cuddle) was de-stressing for me!

At 8.15pm it was high tide with the River Usk, Newport and I took at photo of it with The Newport Transporter Bridge with 95.1% waning gibbous moon just under it. My entry for Wide Wednesday.

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