Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Saucy # 2

I was spoiled for choices today with the only difficulty being the continuing frigid temps.  I bundled up with as many layers as possible and skulked around the garden taking photos of the various winged visitors.  I decided to go with the Blue Jay as my Yard Bird #2 for 2018 for no other reason but that I like them so much.

Blue jays are common backyard birds throughout the eastern United States and familiar to most.  They are loud, bossy, bold and, like all members of the Corvidae Family, extremely clever.  While some people don't like them, I find them endlessly entertaining.  And, there is no better alarm system when hawks come calling than a blue jay - they have the most piercing scream when they spot a hawk!  It is a sound that actually kind of makes the hair on the back of your neck tingle.  

Today, as you can see, I baited the garden with peanuts, always a favorite of the jays.  And although I didn't see a single jay when I put the peanuts out, within 3 minutes there were five of them, jostling for position.  I had my pick of shots but chose this one just because I like the pose.  Also, if you look very, very closely, you may see a reflection of a photographer in its eye...  Another shot, extreme close up, HERE on Flickr.

I picked up all the groceries for the next few days when we have guests.  Planning to do a turkey chili in the crock pot tomorrow since we're not quite sure what time they will arrive.  Friday, we'll have MIL over and Hubs will plank some salmon and grill some veggies.  (I know, it's going to be 10 F and we'll be grilling...)

Thanks for the very kind comments on yesterday's through-the-window woodpecker!  I'm much happier with this shot, not having those extra layers of non-Nikon glass...


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