Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The better to see you with, my dear...

Since it's Tiny Tuesday and since it's been raining all day, I thought I'd let the Tinies out for a little photo shoot.  As usual, they were into everything and several, in their excitement, managed to take a deep dive off my desk which precipitated a tiny search party.  Well, eventually, I got them to settle down and we got to work.  

This is a composite of 7 images focus stacked in Photoshop.  The Tinies, as you can see, were busy cleaning my readers.  Truthfully, they didn't do a very good job, but I didn't let on as I hate to dampen their enthusiasm.  While this was going on, Tiny Timmy and his faithful dog went fishing.  No fish were caught, but apparently they both had a great time.

This morning the Wild Turkeys were back in the yard - at least 21 of them pottering around for seeds and whatever else they could find.  This brings the number of bird species seen in my yard so far this year to 20!  Yesterday's Hairy Woodpecker was also back today, skittish as ever.  With a little luck - and some snow - I should be able to increase my year-to-date yard list to at least 25 by the end of the month.  Then things will be slow until the spring migrants start showing up in April.  

Busy day tomorrow but hoping to get out for at least a short walk.  Feeling a bit of cabin fever having been cooped up inside for two days.

Big thanks to Paladien for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month!


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