Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Another Snowy Day and Yard Bird #3

The news-making snow storm is upon us, although we are getting far less than places further east.  Still, it is very cold, gusty and snowy.  Even with the "rain coat" for the camera and a fairly long lens hood, I was still getting some snow on my lens glass, so I kept my time outdoors to a minimum.  I actually took this while standing just inside the door leading from out garage into the back garden.  Snow was still blowing in the door, but I was somewhat protected.  

This was taken from a distance of maybe 20 feet and the snow was really coming down fast.  The resulting image had to be de-hazed a bit and slightly lightened - plus a small crop.  I left lots of space in the frame because to me, it is more aesthetically pleasing than cropping in close on the bird.  Plus, it really captures what I saw, as well as (I hope) the extreme weather conditions.  

I'm keeping the feeders and heated water topped off as there are many visitors today.  Oddly, I just saw two birds taking a very exuberant bath - in spite of it being 20F with wind chills of 14!  Crazy birds - you'd think their feathers would freeze, wouldn't you?  

Our guests are delaying their arrival as they are coming up from Baltimore and would have to drive through some dangerous weather to get here.  They are going to try to move their schedule around and maybe we will see them tomorrow.  The weather really is frightful all along the eastern coast right now, and the snow is going to be followed by ridiculously cold temperatures.  

I have been eyeing electric pressure cookers (Instant Pots) for a few months now, and finally ordered one from Amazon which arrived yesterday.  So, tonight I am going to take it on its maiden voyage, making chili for Hubs, SIL and I.  A perfect meal for a freezong cold winter night!  Report tomorrow...

To all my friends in this storm's path, please be careful and stay safe - and if you lose power, get someplace warm!


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