Wild Wednesday ....


We have been seeing this woodpecker (left and middle pictures) in both our backyard and our neighbor's front tree for a little while now.

I am having trouble identifying him/her .... but I think it's a juvenile/immature Red-bellied Woodpecker due to the fact that we have also seen an adult RB Woodpecker (right picture) near it. And there is a spot of red coming through on the top of it's head.  It could also be a juvenile Northern Flicker (which has red on it's throat not the head) or a juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker .... but I don't think so. 

So ..... please help me!  If any of you (Kimb!) know for sure what this bird is please, please, please let me know!!!

Update:  It has been decided that this is indeed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker!  Which was my first instinct!  Thank you all for your positive identification! ♥

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