Abstract Thursday .....

... and Tiny Tuesday results.

Thank you to all the blippers that participated in the first Tiny Tuesday of the year!  You made it easy on me this week ... there were only two pages of entries! 

The results are in ....

My hearts were awarded to the following:
Gordo ~ beautifully photographed tiny pansies.
V1k1 ~ such delicate little hybrid flowers.
JohnW  ~ the Lego frog is adorable but the extra is superb!
Old Timer ~ I love seeing these beautiful monarch cats this time of year!
dfb24 ~ I love the sense of humor in this entry!

And the honorable mentions:
frani ~ so delicate.
Delena-Jane ~ another awesome ice bubble. 
tedwin ~ I love the pink edges.
Terrifo  ~ shows you can even get a great picture at the grocery!
suejay50 ~ so nice to see the crocuses up already!

Next week's TIny Tuesday is week 189 .... tag is TT189 and again there is no theme .... just have fun!

My Abstract Thursday picture above is of an orange that my mom sent us from Southern California!  We received a box full of them today!  Of course since I cut this up for my blip I had to eat it .... right!?!  It was so juicy that I had to eat it leaning over the sink!!!  Thanks, Mom!!!

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