Fed up of this wet, soggy, muddy, slurpiness now!  I feel like when I go to fill up the bird feeders on the elder tree, I am rubbing away the grass.  Taking up the bin left two deep wheelie gouges down the back of the house.

We slept late so what was left of the morning was passed in doing jobs and then after lunch, stir crazy, I grabbed the camera and decided to go out no matter what the weather was chucking at me.  I slid and slurped up the footpath parallel to the western wall of the St Ives estate, trying to find interesting bliportunities in the gloomy woodland.  There wasn't a soul about.  I followed the bridleway to where it met the main road - it wouldn't be much fun on a horse or bike today, although the cyclists would probably love the puddles and the mud!  Once across the road I was on to Harden Moor and in to the teeth of a strong wind driving the rain.  Although there was blue sky off to the left, an ominous darkness was fast arriving from the right so I hurried to get beneath the trees.

I spent a while blipping interesting moss on a branch but none of the images looked in the slightest bit interesting when I uploaded them, so my blip is of the early part of my route.  You can see how the water coming down the slope of the estate is gouging out this trench, potentially dangerous for horses and cyclists alike!

I was glad to drop down from the moor and close the door on the increasing wind.  Ironic then that my weather photo, taken as I left the house across the village, was on the weather forecast tonight!

I'm glad to hear that Becky and Rob have stayed home in Boston today as a serious snowstorm heads their way.  Hopefully, the plumber has managed to fix their boiler before it arrives. 

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