A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Last of Christmas

I had intended walking this morning but had a bad night so by this afternoon I was getting a bit stir crazy after 4 days without going out.

I set off down to Saltaire as dusk began as today was the last day of the Advent windows. We had intended going before Christmas and then in Christmas week but ill health and dreadful weather put it off. I had a map and was pleased to find that most of the windows still seems to be dressed and lit up at 4.00pm. Lots of houses had Christmas decorations still up too and it was at that lovely time when you get glimpses inside cosy houses when the lights first go on and before the curtains are drawn! Well there's a bit of nosiness in all of us.

You do feel a bit odd wandering around on your own but that aside I enjoyed it. I chose this one as I liked the slightly comic theme and the fact that it shows the Mill. Also the lovely windows are those of the old hospital. ( For those who may not know Saltaire is a World Herutage site; an Alpaca cloth mill and model village fir hrs workers built by Sir Titus Salt for his workers and named after him)

In the extras I put a shot of the sign outside a shop on Victoria Road which amused me!

It really will be all over tomorrow but if you celebrate the Feast of the Kings (Fetes des Rois) enjoy it this weekend as we move into Epiphany.

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