A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Bristol Blue

Had a late lie in this morning. Sleep seems to be all I want to do at the moment! Glad I'd already decided against the 7.15am walk!

The weather is vile again. I've been putting a few things away but I'm afraid I'm a stickler for leaving decorations up until 12th night. It seems to be against the trend where people start on New Year's Day these days. I do like to make a gradual start though.

I wanted to get a shot of this lovely Bristol Blue glass vase which was one of my presents from daughter Grace.
I've admired this glass for a long time (I have a couple of old pieces that were my grandmother's) and wanted to show my new vase off against the light. The front room window ledge, where I think it will reside, showed too much of the frame through the glass for a good shot so I took it here. I have put it on the lower landing window where you can see the berry wreath still hanging outside.

I'll have to watch the cat too as she likes to think of all the window ledges as her viewing territory! She was responsible for the damage to one of my grandmother's vases and the complete destruction of an old piece of Ruby glass that had come down through my mother too.

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