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By ArtistAnnie


I had planned to take a selfie with an expression of disbelief on my face. But all the ones like that just looked goofy. And I quite liked this more serious view of myself. I used my iPhone to take this photo. Thought first I'd catch up my journal...

Yesterday we met the Clean Crawl folks to discuss the lake house infestation of rats. The fellow took photos and explored both the basement and the attic. There were a few signs of rats below but the attic won the prize. Many many rats have been happily living there for a long time and they are not very good housekeepers. I didn't have a clue they were there. You'd think I'd have heard movement. But no. I suspect they had a few watch rats who would run in to the space and say, "Okay  everybody. Quiet now. She's home." I of course gave them gourmet eats when I fed the birds on my deck. So they would stock up on goodies and then repair to the attic for a party, quiet when I was home, lots of dancing and music when I wasn't. The result was not pretty and seriously needed to be dealt with. There was a long list of what needed to be done including taking all of the insulation out of the entire roof aria, trapping the rats, closing up the entry points, and replacing the insulation. When I heard the cost of this I nearly collapsed on the kitchen floor. It was in the thousands of dollars. Yikes! Needless to say I was quite bothered when I heard this news. But I soldiered up and signed a contract to have the work done.

We hadn't actually gotten the list of other things the inspection unearthed. None were as drastic as the rat situation, but there were 38 line items on the list. Now I was getting discouraged. While we waited for the final list I had a talk with Jane. I'll do the rats and insulation and vapor barrier in the basement, but I can't afford anything more... Jane concurred and today when the official list came with everything on it, she called the other broker and we are going to work out something. Luckily the buyers are really motivated and love the house. 

Yesterday after my meeting with Jane I went to a support group meeting. That really helped as I got lots of support from my friends and could join them in supporting others who really needed it, even more than I did. And my brother came over for dinner and games so that helped my mood too. The only reason I didn't blip yesterday is that I didn't take any photos all day.

Fast forward to today. I met the rat catchers at the house early this morning so they could start the work. Today they are getting rid of the insulation and setting the traps. Then we wait for a week or so before the new insulation goes in. 

This evening is art walk so I'll be going to my shared studio to greet visitors. And Helena and I will be going out to dinner. It will be good to see her. She's been away and now is home again. I'm looking forward to our usual girl talk and laughter at dinner. I'm recovered from the initial shock of the rats and am back on an even keel. Life can be interesting is all I can say.

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