Friday already

I do like 2 day work weeks.
Was not getting out of bed in time and sat at my desk only at 9:30 am, realising that I missed a 1:1 with my Swedish boss. I somehow did not have on the radar that it was Friday already! Luckily he had postponed the call by an hour. Phew!
I had a catch up with him after 10 am only.
Another day practising not to get too drawn in in things and only doing what needs done, staying relaxed about everything. I am please to report it went well.
I left the house around 1:30 pm for a walk and finding an open fish monger.
While walking down to Byres Road I phones ma dad. He has received a blood transfusion today and was feeling much better after it. Good news!!!
I walked down up to Dumbarton Road but the Fish monger there was closed as well. Luckily the one on Byres Road was open. I got a whole Salmon side (a bit excessive) and walked home the long way along Great Western Road.
Back in the house I caught up with Jack and Daniel at work and finished the last important task for the day by 6:30 pm. Success!
Neil was home at 7 pm and we had a lovely Salmon Dinner even before 9 pm!
The rest of the day was dedicated to the couch watching a couple of Movies.
I am on day 2 of a clean eating phase without caffein, sugar, dairy and any processed food and do miss the sweet stuff that I allowed to creep into my life again for the last weeks - but I managed.
I am please to say that I do not experience any caffein withdrawal, despite having been drinking loads of coffees over the last few weeks. 
It seems to help that I start my days always with decaf and only drink caffeinated coffee in the afternoons. However, sometimes quite a lot.

My blip is a street view at Great Western Road. It is supposed to be a very good Italian Restaurant that we need to try out sometime soon ....

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