I feel as if I've spent most of the day denuding the Christmas tree and trimming back its branches ready for disposal tomorrow when one of my sons will heave it outside for me. It is now a mere shadow of its former self but still a sizeable tree!

Just before the shops were due to close, I ventured into Wimborne to return some items and pick up others that I'd ordered over the internet. At which point, it occurred to me that it's a long while since I've shot any light trails, so I went back to the car for my tripod (always prepared! :)) and set up on a street corner. There were few people about by then but it's surprising how many of them stopped to talk to me......

Then the supermarket and home. Best unpack the shopping now and think about sorting some dinner.....

Have a great evening everyone and many thanks for everything - you have been most generous in your comments, stars and hearts recently, for which I am very grateful!

Ann :))

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