Stand up high!

We met with Helle in the morning to train dogs. 

Hero did some nose work searches, which is not physically demanding and therefore ok whilst he is recovering. Hero was not quite convinced that it could be considered a proper training session though. He was not impressed.

Gollum was thrilled - he got to work, which he has missed these last days and he did brilliantly. He performed his new routine with no breaks and no treats/food at all. It was the first time ever, he did this! He had a huge reward when we finished! 

After having performed his routine, we worked a bit on accuracy and then we finished with his new move - standing on hind legs. He has only practiced this a couple of times, but he is doing rather well. 

After Gollum's training, our friend Sidsel and her two collies Wave and Shadow joined us. She trained her two dogs, Helle trained Ex-it and I trained Biscuit.

Biscuit has seemed tired recently and not very keen to work. He has done what I have asked of him, but not with his usual enthusiasm. I talked to Helle and Sidsel about it and especially Helle thought his lack of enthusiasm had come too sudden to just be old age. We also noticed that his leg was trembling for just a few seconds - but still.... it shouldn't tremble. 

I rang our doggie chiropractor and she said I could stop by on my way home and yes, we were right.... Biscuit's hip and lower back was out and had to be put right. Now he needs 4 days if rest and then he should hopefully be back to his old happy and keen self. 

After all of our training, Lisbeth stopped by with Helle's and my props. Hero's haunted house is so cool! I am so excited about it and so disappointed that he can't train for another 4 - 6 days!

It was late, when I came home, but it has been a fabulous day.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland  Boys

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