I have long intended to get a shot of this street with the tanks at the end of the road. I did so a while back but the tanks blended with the sky, so were lost. This photograph reminds me of pictures I have seen taken in the industrial period when people lived within a short walk of where they worked, and industry and domestic habitation overlapped.

For sure the people living in Fittie today may also work in the harbour, but more likely they do not. It gives the impression of being a rather "arty" community now.

Very cold today. When I was out in the evening the temperature had dropped to -5. When this photograph was taken there was still some warmth in the sun. The day started with brunch at the beach, at the Inversnecky cafe, followed by a brisk walk along the beach. So brisk I did not have a chance to take any photographs. Another brisk walk at Duthie park, and a visit to the Winter Gardens to warm up.

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