6 years ......

....... 2190 Blips & never missed a day!

I never would have believed when I joined Blip that I would have managed to keep going this long!

What a wonderful community Blip is ....... I've made lots of great friends both virtual & some I've had the pleasure of meeting in the 'real' world.

There have been days when I've struggled to find a blip ....... other times I've had so many photos it was difficult to choose ....... I'm sure you all recognise that!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who regularly visit my journal & leave lovely comments & have been so supportive through what has been a rather difficult year ....... also to those who drop by & leave stars ....... it wouldn't be the same without you all :-)

Finally a BIG thank you to the Fab Four for making this possible ...... there wouldn't still be a Blipfoto without all your hard work ...... we all really appreciate the effort you put in :-)

Long live Blip!

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