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By arkensielphoto

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Another dull and dreary day, but I decided to continue where I left off yesterday. The new mop and bucket was a great success, costing about twenty pounds, from Amazon, it works far better than my old squeeze mop and dare I say it my steam cleaner! So this morning I continued with some more housework and sorting out of “stuff”. My back does not allow me to do as much as I would like, at any one time, even taking a painkiller before I start only allows me to do so much. The perils of getting older!
Tomorrow I shall have another sorting out session, bird food and wine will probably change places and the larder under the stairs is also likely to be blitz. I think some more stuff, that has not seen the light of day for a while, will also disappear.

Today’s picture is of a male Great Spotted Woodpecker. This one has been around for a day or two and it is unusual, as they often only appear in the summer and then as a family of two parents and some juveniles. It did pose for a better picture, but flew away before I could press the button.

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