It’s amazing how quickly the weeks are going by and once again, it was time to go to Jack’s Bistro, our usual Saturday morning haunt, for coffee and to meet up with several of our friends.  

One of the young waitresses at Jack’s is going on holiday to Prague and I was delighted when I went into the library yesterday to see a small Guide Book to Prague amongst the “withdrawn” books, so bought it for her.  She was delighted and said that as she is going on Monday, she had better get organised!  

After we had chatted with our friends and I had drunk two cups of coffee, Mr. HCB was very surprised when I suggested that I walk part-way home to get my steps up and we arranged for him to come down in the car and pick me up.  I knew I had work to do this afternoon, as I am leading Worship at Church tomorrow, so wouldn’t have time to go out walking later.

I didn’t think I would see anything silly on my walk, so I started rearranging the various condiments and rather liked the vibrancy of the HP Sauce label - Mr. HCB’s favourite - the mustard and the tomato ketchup, not forgetting Sarson's vinegar, and decided that it would make a good "still life" shot for Silly Saturday.  

As I walked down through a beautiful wooded area, it was good to hear the birds singing, to see the snowdrops pushing up through the grass and the buds on the trees, as well as the ducks on the lake.  One thing that saddened me though was seeing a tent under the trees - obviously someone who is homeless camps out there - it’s due to turn colder next week, so I hope whoever it is has enough clothing and warm bedding.  Incidentally, I got into my stride very well and was waiting at the agreed place for Mr. HCB for at least 10 minutes!

Hope you all have a great weekend - you can choose whether to be saucy or as I was, keen as mustard!

“In every walk with nature, 
     one receives far more
          than he (or she) seeks.”
John Muir

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