After I had had my shower, I went into the bedroom to find Mr. HCB in his usual spot, looking out of the window and checking what birds were around.  I asked him if there were any flowers in the garden and he pointed to the Weigelia bush that he had pruned earlier in the week, but these were right on the top, so I decided that it wouldn’t be quite such a good idea to climb a ladder to get my Blip for Flower Friday.  Before you think I have no sense of adventure, we are going away in 6 weeks, so doing something foolhardy is not a good idea.

So, it was back to my lovely orchids that sit on the kitchen windowsill.  Several of them are still in bud, but his one, bought in Morrisons about a year ago, has flowered beautifully for many months, although I think that once these seven flowers have gone, it will be resting for a while.

I was chatting to someone the other day about whether I felt my photography had improved by taking a photograph every day - so I said that when I looked back at the ones I took in my early days of Blip, I can see that I have been more adventurous in the sort of photographs I take.  I don’t major on one theme but as many of you know, I like to think “outside the box” and sometimes can be outrageous! As one of my birthday cards, which is still sitting on the sideboard, said “Life’s too short to be sensible all the time!”

This morning the fact that I don’t just take a photograph and say, “That’ll do” but take lots more and then choose the best, after looking carefully at what I have taken, makes me realise that I have come a long way.  

I may seem very confident but my childhood was spent being told I wasn’t good enough and I felt I didn’t measure up to expectations, both at home and at school.  I guess we all judge how far we have come in different ways, but for me, that voice in my head from my parents and teachers, who used to say “You’re no good at this and never will be” has now been replaced by the voice that says “That’s good - in fact, now you understand more, it’s much better than it was, especially since you’re applying what you’ve learned.”  

I am certainly more comfortable with myself and am not afraid to try new things, especially in my photography and Blip has certainly helped in that respect and so has Mr. HCB - who has always believed in me!

“All I can tell you really 
     is if you get to the point 
          where someone is telling you 
that you are not great or not good enough, 
     just follow your heart 
          and don't let anybody 
               crush your dream.”
Patti LaBelle 

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