ˈmɒnəkrəʊm,mɒnə(ʊ)ˈkrəʊm  :  noun
a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white 
or in varying tones of only one colour

I wanted to take the abstract theme but wanted to find it in monochrome rather than turning a colour shot into monochrome, so I wandered around the house looking for inspiration.

When Mr. HCB came into the lounge and saw what I was doing he just smiled and said “Abstract Thursday?”  He knows me and Blip so well!

This is a shot of the springs on my angle poise lamp, the tension for which Mr. HCB tells me, is what holds the lamp in the right position.  I find that as I am getting older more mature, I cannot see that well unless I have good light on the book or newspaper that I am reading, so during the winter months, this light is often on, not only in the evening, but also in the day as it will be today, which is another grey and murky one!

Not sure we will be walking much today, although we do need to go shopping - so guess I should be doing a few exercises to “keep up the step count”.  Something to make you smile - the other evening, I hadn’t quite got up to my 8,000 steps, so marched up and down the hallway and managed to get it up to about 8,100.  However, because I had walked a lot that day, my knees were quite sore, so I decided to rub them with the Movelat my doctor has prescribed, rather than taking tablets.  

WOW - after rubbing the cream in, and still wearing my Fitbit, I had done an extra 350 steps - ha ha ha!!  Marginally better, I think, than the suggestion from a fellow Blipper, from Scotland, in case you didn't guess, who said “Here's a wee tip...strap your fitbit to a ceiling fan to increase your daily steps ;)”

"Black and white 
     are the colors 
          of photography. 
To me they symbolize the alternatives 
     of hope and despair 
          to which mankind 
               is forever subjected."
Robert Frank 

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