A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


The (redundant) thermostat in the lounge.  This is a remnant of the old heating system that optimistically assumed one thermostat in a multi-roomed barn would provide a meaningful control system.  It's still there because it's prettier then a hole in the wall.  

The current system works on deeply complicated algorithms based on size of building, the temperature outside, the phase of the moon and whether it's a Tuesday.  It calculates what temperature the radiators need to be to ensure a perfect temperature for everyone, and heats the radiators to a seemingly random temperature instead.  I can hear it humming the tune to 'Share and Enjoy...'

Anyway, we had a couple of energy surveyors round today with a view to providing a grant towards possible energy-saving measures; so when the question is next asked 'What did the EU do for us?' we'll put you in the cold and draughty room...

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