A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


This weekend is our 26th boardgames weekend.  Things are generally more in order at this time than they usually are - furniture rearranged, paperwork prepped, tea (proper and lime-and-petunia varieties), coffee, fizz, biscuits, cakes, more cakes, fruit...

A few tweaks this time - experimenting with wristbands rather than lanyards (not convinced this is working) and the lounge (the further room in the blip) is designated the 'noisy' table for games that are liable to distract the heavier, thinkier games in the gaming room.

We were pleased to have Ben Parkinson join us for this evening.  At a convenient point we asked him to talk about the charity work he does in rural Uganda - using modern boardgames as tools to develop young 'social entrepreneurs' - take a look at cyen.org.uk.  We were also pleased to send him off with some modern games to ship out to Uganda. (Extra photo).

There's something humbling in seeing the village children enjoying playing games (which most British adults couldn't grasp) that we enthusiasts tend to be overly protective of and store lovingly in expensive shelving, in conditions that that can only be described as minimal.  

We're taking the step, now that our finances have steadied, of sponsoring one of these children through their education.

As per DellCon tradition (or pragmatism) dictates there will now follow a bunch of rubbish phone photos...

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