Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Having a couple of days R & R in Aberdeen. A few days ago, on checking the What's On listings, I spotted that Aberdeen has an ice-hockey team, the Lynx, playing in the Scottish National League and that they were due to play Kilmarnock Storm tonight.

I had already been to hockey games in Canada and thought it would be a fun night out. The standard, of course, was nowhere near as high, but it was entertaining nonetheless. A few minor scuffles broke out during the game, but these were nothing compared to the almighty melee that took place two minutes from the end of the match. Helmets off, gloves off and fists flying everywhere. It seems an obligatory part of the sport.

For the record, Aberdeen Lynx (in white in the photo) won the hockey match 4-2.

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