This was Sunday and the sun was shining so Shelley decided to enjoy the warmth in the front porch.

She can be so sweet and loving and the next moment is wailing like a banshee to have her lead on to go for a walk around the garden.

Today the wind is much stronger and feels much colder so her walk outside didn't last long.

We have two tame robins who we feed with cake or biscuits.  They look down on her while she is fascinated by them.  Sometimes they get too close so we have to keep a close watch.

This month seems to be going so slowly and I can't wait for Spring to come.  My first bulb has started to flower and the evenings are staying lighter so there is hope.

My sister (Redflash) will soon be having a landmark birthday party but sadly we won't be able to go.  The cost of cat/dog care, staying over etc. is just too much for us.  We were hoping to see her soon after but sadly has had to be postponed.  Matthew will be disappointed, again.

We are not looking forward to moving away but we know we have to be closer to the boys.

Hope the week ahead is kind to you all.  xxxxx

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