I'm sorry to have left you hanging at the end of the last blip.  Let me start by saying I'm still alive and am going to be fine.

The last month has been extraordinarily stressful.  Thursday, I had the construction project manager and the special projects assistant store manager from Home Depot at my house reviewing all of the things wrong with the appliances and cupboards. I spent most of Friday in Tucson at Home Depot getting more unexpected necessities for the kitchen. On the way home, I stopped at the gas station to take a couple of pictures of the pumps to blip  with the intention of using them to poke a little fun at Oregonians.
After sitting for a while to relax, I noticed a couple of the fingertips on my right hand were numb as was the right side of my face.  The paramedics took me to the hospital in Tucson where I had some tests.  They kept me overnight.  The diagnosis was  a TIA along with Acute Bronchitis. This is my second TIA, having had one about 25 years ago (different symptoms).  I was discharged late Saturday.  Right now, it's the bronchitis which is keeping me down.
I had a few tablespoons of soup over the weekend.  Today (Monday) I was only able to eat 3 bites of a turkey sandwich. I've lost about 15 lbs in the last couple of weeks.  I'll know I'm better when I start in on the Peanut M&M's again. 

A different doctor had a different interpretation of my problem other than a TIA after I wrote this.  Will explain in next blip.

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