Any ideas to explain this blip?  Read on.

I saw my primary care physician this afternoon (Tuesday-I'm soo  far behind).  She has a completely different theory about what I experienced last weekend and it wasn't a TIA.  She thinks it was parenthesia brought on by a Hemiplegic Migraine. In the hospital, no one seemed interested in my headache or its location.

Frankly, I have a LOT more confidence in her than any other doctor I've ever seen.  Unfortunately, this was my last appointment with her because she is retiring next week. She can't be more than 55 so it's pretty disappointing. 

The one thing she told me, which caused us both to tear up, was that it would be impossible to forget me.  Imagine being the doctor who has treated/coordinated my care through a variety of broken bones,  six surgeries, falls, manias, depressions, and way too many diseases or illnesses to list.  I am definitely unforgettable.

The photo:  It's a Border Patrol helicopter using a spotlight.  There haven't been many around, especially during the last year.  In general, they take flight at night when a migrant is spotted or suspected in the area.  Easy to hear because they fly so low and tend to hover, they are immediately identifiable.  I have no idea why the photo turned out the way it did.  Just thought it was a little mysterious and kinda cool.

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