Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

You know you’ve arrived... Tucson when you see your first Vermillion Flycatcher.  Without question, this is North America's most glamorous Flycatcher with his vibrant red head and chocolately-brown wings.  And since they usually seem to be intent on catching insects rather than worrying about pesky humans, they are somewhat easy to photograph.

Mom, dad and I had a great day starting with a full morning at Aqua Caliente Park and the afternoon at Mount Lemon where we reached 8,000 feet in altitude.  Yes, there was some snow up there, and a 30 degree difference in temperature, but what a fun day!  And, I saw my very first Pygmy Nuthatch.  It was not particularly cooperative with photos, alas, although I got a few passable shots.  I’ll put one in Extra, along with a shot of a Yellow-eyed Junco.  

We’re meeting my bestie, Peggy, tomorrow morning for a morning of adventure.  

Stay tuned...


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