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By arkensielphoto

Gluten-free Quiche

We decided that we would go to Bishop’s Stortford this morning as we had not been this year and we needed to do some walking. It was very cold and Josephine, being the old lady that she is, decided that she was not going to start. It did not appear to be the battery; just that she was not firing.
We went into town in my husband’s car (who now also has a name) and had breakfast in Café Thyme. Hanna had made gluten-free quiche and this is what I had with salad and it is also my picture today; it was delicious, the best I have had in over thirty years.
We had a walk around the town, but not by the river, it was too cold and my husband is still a little unsteady on his legs after his knee operations; I did not fancy fishing him out of the river if he stumbled!
Once home I called out Liverpool Victoria Britannia Rescue who soon found the fault. She had a problem two years ago when the fuel line had a hole in it and it is possible that this is a similar problem. It was started and then I drove her to the garage so they can check her over and sort her out, she will be back home tomorrow.

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