Dear Diary,

We had the "gentle" snow storm that I'd hoped for.  Matt will be here later this morning to shovel me out although I did a bit of it myself.  Since my cold left me I am feeling more able to do things which is wonderful.

I found a great quote from Diane Walker, a contemplative photographer I follow:  "No matter how carefully we guard our possessions, eventually they'll belong to someone else."

I went in search of one of my possessions that had a story.  This perfume bottle I got nearly 30 years ago at Tiffany's in New York City.  At the time, I had a wonderful condominium that I'd decorated in the Art Nouveau style, a far cry from the old farm house I live in now.  I filled it with perfume and capped it.  I never opened it again but I notice that, through evaporation I guess, the perfume level had dropped.  It seemed to fit the quote.

There are two small pieces chipped out of it where it fell off the shelf and smashed the bathroom sink but it still sits in the bathroom, chips and all.  It is a reminder of a long ago life that I can't part with.  So much has changed since I bought it but I still use the same perfume that I put in that bottle all those years ago.  Some things, it seems, do not change.

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