The Millennium Science Complex

Wednesday was another bus day, and since I was on campus, I decided to visit another section of it that I don't get to walk through very often. This is the Millennium Science Complex, a building I've photographed a few times, but somehow none of my pics of it have ever ended up on Blip before. So here it is, at last!

The building is one of the more strangely shaped ones I've seen. It has several green roofs, and a big overhang with a skylight. The overhang somewhat resembles the Flying Nun's hat (IMHO). I am including a link to additional information about this building so that those who are interested may learn more.

There is a little garden area underneath the skylight, featuring paths, plants, and benches, which I find pretty cool. But of course what caught my attention on this day was the blue sky reflecting through that skylight.

To take this photo, I was standing with my back to the main part of the building, looking out at the skylight and little garden beneath. Local conditions: a frigid winter morning (about 7 degrees F when this pic was taken) after a storm, with bright golden sunlight and bluebird skies.

The song has to be about science, so here is Thomas Dolby, with She Blinded Me With Science.

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