The Hazyland Boys

By EmmyHazyland

Shrine and Dolphin Show

We started from the hotel at 10 am and took the train to Tomioka Hachiman Shrine, which was a beautiful place.

We saw the Shrine and a stunning flower garden and then did A LOT of shopping - gifts for my family and dog sitters. 

We came back to the hotel at 4 pm with all my shoppings and then we continued to Auqa Park Shinagawa for the most amazing dolphin show ever!

It was a very dramatic performance with music, lights, colours, smoke and some super well trained dolphins. And the best part was, that you could tell that the dolphins had fun too. 


After the performance, we stayed in the arena for a bit to watch the trainers correct some of the bits that the dolphins got wrong in the show. It was exactly like dog training. Very interesting to watch. 

A late dinner and back in my room at 9.30 pm - bedtime very soon.

Night night from Tokyo.
Emmy - still blipping from Japan. 

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