The Hazyland Boys

By EmmyHazyland

Tokyo Snowfall

I guess I should be excited about being in Tokyo to experience what they describe as 'a rare snowstorm', but I don't do snow and cold, so I am far from excited! I wanted to escape the Scandinavian winter when going here!!!

Reuters about the Tokyo Snowfall. 

Luckily the snow has not caused problems for us. Our hotel is in walking distance from the conference room, where my seminar is held, so we are doing fine.

I had a very long night. Due to "mandatory technical inspections", the hotel's electricity was out from 1 am to 5 am. This meant the the emergency light turned on at 2 am!!! Suddenly in the middle of the night, my room was fully lit! I had to ring the front desk to get someone to remove the light bulb for me! I fell asleep again, but it took a couple of hours... and then at 5.30 am, when the electricity came back, my light turned on again and once again my room was lit. I slept for a maximun of 3 hours!

I started teaching a dog dancing judges seminar at 10 am and finished at 5 pm. 

Asako, Hiroko and I then went out for dinner and I was back in my room at 9 pm. 

I'm looking forward to a better (darker) night tonight. 

But hey! Look at the delicious cakes I had today! I also ate jellyfish for dinner! 

See you tomorrow
Emmy (blipping from Tokyo)

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