Arabic in the Snow

I went to fetch Halim at 9.30 am for Arabic lesson. As forecast, it then started snowing until lunchtime.

We sat in the conservatory overlooking the garden.

I was behaving like the typical student in the back row  taking photos while Halim was giving attention to Len. Every now and then, he would pronounce a new word in Arabic for me, which I had to spell in Arabic script. My handwriting in English is terrible. Writing in Arabic can be laborious, but I was successful most of the time.

Len and I had pancakes for brunch. Then fatigue caught up and I fell asleep on the settee for over an hour. I still haven't quite got over the flu. So I went to bed until just before 5 pm.

Today's submission is a layered collage of the table with Arabic notebooks and the garden.

Roast lamb and spuds for dinner. Vera later.

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