In All Around I See

It's been that kind of week. It's that time of year. Could it get more dreary?

Heaven be praised, milder temperatures are being forecast from tomorrow night and it may even be sunny.

Anticipating an afternoon of solitude and reflection, I decided to do a still life. Not sure it really works but I did get the low key feel.

The flower photography course is currently in abeyance. I just felt I had to stay current. And taking this photo has taught me something. I need to check focus in all parts of the shot. The ivy at the front is a tad blurred, so I need a narrower aperture another time.

Basil and I went to Open Church again this morning where we met Joy, without Penny. But Poppy the labrador was, slathering for biscuits. I understand now what they mean about labradors being greedy dogs.

Steven nudged me just after noon, as I'd told him I had to leave to be back by 12.15 pm so that Len could drive to Leicester for the City match. Me and dog out of the car, Len in.

Think I'll have a cup of tea now and look at my Arabic as Halim will be coming tomorrow morning, in sh'Allah. I have to decline the verb, to eat, as homework.

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