Busy day

I got up and walked Cousteau before it got warm.

Then, after putting out a load of washing, I picked Little Miss up from her friend’s house, where she had spent the night.

We had a catch up with AC and her daughter, who will be going to the same school as Little Miss. Lots of chatting and laughing.

When we got home, Mr B arrived shortly afterwards. We set off for Woodend, where bro in law is moving today.

While they tried to sort out keys and payments, we took a break and had a drink at Holgate Brewery. Lime and soda for me and a crafty pint for Mr B.

It took a lot longer than anticipated to get the keys and to start moving in. We’ve been at it all day and are pooped. Mr B is taking the truck back and will be home soon. He’ll be particularly tired; he’s been a super star, carrying and lifting.

Night all.


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