Observations on a grey cold day

1. When we arrived in Helsinki, we assumed that most if not all outside construction work would cease in midwinter. Wrong. We even saw building work going on in Rovaniemi last week, at a temperature that was at most -10C, and with snow coming down. Here you can see the new central library for Helsinki city, which has made considerable progress since we arrived in late August.

2. What's emerging looks to be a stunning building, that is rather reminiscent, on one side, of a boat. There will also be acres of wooden cladding. Given the heritage of library buildings in Finland, this one has a lot to live up to.

3. There is a parallel between blipping and living with a fitbit. The thing about the fitbit is that you start from scratch every morning with zero steps no matter how many you took yesterday. If you also count the weekly steps then the same applies on Monday morning. You start from zero (also zero days of your weekly "exercise"). It's like that with blip. No matter how many great candidates I had yesterday, I have to think afresh about photography today as I cannot use yesterday's photos. Tempting though that might sometimes be ;-) On the topic of the fitbit, a vigorous 75 minutes spinning class certainly got me "one of my three" (days of weekly exercise) but spinning is so "step poor" and I was too knackered to walk afterwards, so getting to 10k was quite a stretch today. 7.5kms was beyond me.

4. That's it. No more observations.

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