And from the outside

You may have seen my blips when I've been guesting on the breakfast show with Mark Cummings of BBC Radio Gloucestershire.
Thought you might like to see the outside for a change, although really I don't know why you would wan to HAHAHAHAHA
Just thought it made a different blip from dogs and bikes.

I haven't been on the radio since before Christmas and I have told them that as it's over a year since the transplant I thought the listeners would be getting a bit bored with me by now, and also Ian was going through a bad patch at the time. I didn't want to start the two hour slot off with misery so packed it in.
Since then Ian's condition has improved and they have again found that it is the medication causing the rejection symptoms.

I don't usually do mono but as it's the BBC, and I remember it being in black and white when I was a child, it seemed to be appropriate.

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