By don_T

Fun & Games

Final day visit with youngest son. Cribbage tournie continued. I won 5 and he took 1 game. I was only 1 point away from skunking him in 1 game! Scotch (Jura & Tullarbadine thanks hazelhs) & crib with your baby (29 next month) does it get any better than this? We pull out the candles and make apple crisp and call it a night. My sweetie is 6'4" so you can tell that our baby is significantly taller (alhough he did puff his hair up for the pic). Our eldest in Vancouver is 6'7"! We had some of our son's good friends over and all bonded during a US football semi final game leading up to the superbowl in 2 weeks. It was a great final day together with way too much food - but isn't that what momma's do?

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