Frozen in time

I'm not sure how many more of these 'frozen in time' type blips there will be from here. Overnight the temperature is due to rise above zero, and a sharp southerly breeze is settling in. This is due to bring first some snow and then as of Thursday quite a lot of rain. Ugh. That will make a mess. Luckily we won't be here to see it. After that, who knows? Maybe the temperature will drop again in February.

Meanwhile, today was probably about the coldest Helsinki day we have had (it was -9 C when I went past the station shortly after taking this photo), so when I walked in I had five layers on top and two layers on the bottom. Plus hat, gloves and scarf, of course. That saw me fine. Actually, mainly I passed on the gloves as my jacket has built in "hand pieces" that hook over the thumbs, which I largely find a successful substitute for gloves.

An interesting duo seminar on methodological issues, plus a visit to the Ateneum to hear some 'queer' interpretations of some pieces of art. Not sure I was wholly convinced. But it was interesting. Back home via Alko where I sourced a bottle of 2002 wine for 20 euros. That's nae bad, as they say.

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