Shiny Wheel - again

Mr W had his induction in the gym today. He's been using the 'man flu' excuse for long enough now and he didn't die so all good!

I on the other hand, managed my full hours programme of 'activities' without falling of treadmills or severely embarrassing myself but was a bit p'eed off when the key said "light exercise completed" when I checked out - dripping in sweat and aching from head to toe! No pain no gain!

Then Mr W and I went to collect his car from the garage in Hailsham after its full service, replacement Exhaust Gas Re circulation valve causing the engine to mess about and repair of an allow after someone Kerbed actually wasn't me!!!!!

We popped into Starbucks on the way home as I have developed a new addiction for an Oat Milk Latte!!! Try one next time you pass a Starbucks. They are Delish!!!!  

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