An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Nose to Tail...

Well today didn't turn out quite as planned.

Just before we went to bed last night Lola began coughing and gagging.  We sat with her for an hour and she settled down so we went to bed. 

When she got up this morning she was still coughing.  Intermittently but still coughing.  She ate her breakfast and went for her morning walk as usual so we knew it wasn't anything too serious.  We both suspected Kennel Cough and tried to record her when she coughed.  Phoned the Vet for advice and they said to bring her in at 5pm to be checked over.

We could have gone to the Vet 20 minutes away but I prefer the vet who's an hour away as she supports raw feeding and doesn't believe in medicating dogs unless they really need it.  

We set off at 3.45pm but of course we hit Glasgow at the height of the rush hour and sat nose to tail from the minute we hit the M8 till we left the M77 at Nitshill Road.  I phoned ahead to say we would be about 20 minutes late due to being stuck in traffic and the receptionist thanked me for letting her know and said to take care. Another reason I love this Vet practice so much.  

Once there, Adele was able to confirm it is Kennel Cough but it's viral, no sign of bacteria at the moment, so she got a thyme and liquorice cough syrup.  Also giving her Manuka honey to help ease her throat.  If she stops eating or gets lethargic we've to contact Adele and she will prescribe an antibiotic.  

In other news, Alan tried out a new comfy chair today but it wasn't suitable.  The Rep and OT will bring another chair to try out on 30th Jan.  Hope we can get something sorted soon as it would be lovely for him to have a proper comfy armchair to sit on.

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