Oh Baby....

...it’s Wild World.

Wild and stormy overnight, river very high.
We met Rebecca for coffee at Toast House in Ilkley saw this shop window of a soft furnishing store on the way.
Mr P been to the gym.
He’s out this evening training his athletes.
I’m preparing a meal for tonight’s supper as Elaine is coming for a couple of days.
Just poached some apricots.
Reminded me of my school days when we did something called Housecraft.
We had to poach apricots and leave them on the hob to simmer while it was break time .
I didn’t understand electric hobs then as we only had gas at home.
When we came back in my pan had burnt dry and my four apricots were embedded in the ceiling.
My cooking has improved somewhat since then!

Thanks to Cailleach for hosting WW and l hope she is feeling much better.

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